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Owens Corning is your trusted partner for all your building solutions.

No matter what you need, Owens Corning has a solution for your building project. From exterior wall solutions to roofing systems Owens Corning can help you achieve all your building goals. Click an area of the building for product listings, specifications, and more information.

  • Air Handling Systems

    Air Handling Systems

    Whether in ambient or high-temperature environments, Owens Corning insulation materials set a high standard for safety, thermal performance and moisture control.

  • Exterior Walls

    Exterior Walls

    Give your exterior walls the thermal performance and moisture resistance your project deserves with Owens Corning external wall insulation materials.

  • Floors & Ceilings

    Floors & Ceilings

    In floors and ceilings, Owens Corning insulation materials isolate building stories thermally and help to mitigate excess solar heating through the day.

  • Foundations


    For applications in foundations above or below grade, Owens Corning insulation materials offer superior thermal performance and moisture resistance.

  • Interior Wall & Acoustics

    Interior Walls & Acoustics

    Get control over heat and sound even in the most challenging spaces with time-tested Owens Corning thermal and acoustic insulation materials.

  • Pipe & Equipment

    Pipe & Equipment

    Insulate pipes and equipment with Owens Corning materials designed to fit all potential contours, prevent heat loss and freezing, and wick away moisture.

  • Roof & Roof Deck

    Roof & Roof Deck

    Owens Corning insulation materials and installation systems can cover your roofing needs seamlessly, with speed, safety and lasting performance.

  • Specialty & OEM

    Specialty & OEM

    Superior experience and resources make Owens Corning your one-stop shop for cost-effective custom engineered and fabricated thermal and acoustic solutions.

  • Metal Building Insulation

    Metal Building Insulation

    Owens Corning Metal Building Insulation has the tools and expertise to help you deal with today's tough industry demands.

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